Maradona Fixed Football Bet

Maradona Fixed Football Bet

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Lazio – Bayern Munich : 2 Odd: 1.72 FT: 1:4

Ostrava – Trinec : 1 Odd: 1.30 FT: 2:0

Maradona Fixed Football Bet

Best Football Bets: Betting for Money or Fun

There are two different types of football bettors – possibly more, but in general two main types. There are those who bet for fun and passion, and those who make a wager to make a profit. The latter type are the bettors using football betting strategies.
The biggest difference between the two types is ‘rationalisation’. With the World Cup upon us, more people will be betting than ever. Success won’t just depend on getting the best Champions League odds, but also employing the best strategies.

Punters who bet for fun and passion normally bet on their favourite team and their favourite players to score and don’t really weigh up the real chances of success. For example, a hard-line West Brom fan would never bet against their own team, even if it was playing away to Man City.

Then there are serious money-making bettors.

These are the guys who aren’t betting out of misguided loyalty. They are betting for the sole purpose of making a win. They will look at the two opposing teams objectively and research them.

They’ll look at previous head to heads, current form, injuries and players out, and then they’ll make their decision. They put the money on who they think will win, not who they want to win. Football betting for them is about making a profit and not just getting swept away on a wave loyalty.

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